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About the Real Estate Yearbook group has been publishing its property market yearbooks since 2007. The Real Estate Yearbook is the only offline presswork of the Hungarian commercial property market – published in December every year in both Hungarian and English.

The Office, and later the Warehouse and Retail Yearbooks were created by group in 2007 as an extension of its wide ranging online portfolio. As of 2013 the media group combines the forces of the formerly separate publications in a single Real Estate Yearbook, representing the domestic property trade by 30,000 copies a year.

The Yearbook contains lists of the operating properties and the main domestic service providers of the trade; and summarizes the significant tendencies of the office, warehouse and retail property markets by means of relevant articles, interviews and analyses.

Distribution information

  • Insertion in leading economic papers
  • Foreign and Hungarian exhibitions (Expo Real, MIPIM, MAPIC)
  • Commercial property events
  • MAISZ, MBSZ, MLE, MLBKT members, Top 500 Hungarian companies
  • Distribution and events by our partners in the property trade
  • Tenants, retail chain leaders
  • Facility management of office buildings, logistics parks, shopping centres
  • Direct distribution list, service provider companies, partners
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